Hello world!


 I have many hobbies which are watching movies on Netflix, watching music videos on YouTube, cooking & exercise, and art history. Pre Covid19, I was more active and walking several miles a day. My cooking was nearly non existing. Then Covid19 occurs and changes everything.


     During the pandemic, I discovered streaming movies and series on Netflix. I started watching American, Chinese, Japanese and Korean dramas. It was my sister that introduced me to foreign series and animation series as well. Watching these series relaxed me and helped me to deal with the Covid19 stress. Some of these series started as a movie then went on to a series, such as the movie titled “Love 020” . I have seen both movie and series and can watch it over and over again. Watching the series and reading the subtitles has aquainted me with the mandarin language. I have picked up some of the mandarin idioms.  Another series I watched is “Squid Games” and “Man to Man” the story lines are intriguing and suspenseful. Makes want to want to watch the next episodes after another.  

     Like some people during Covid19, I was working remotely at home for nearly a year. During my off time I was cooking dinners. I didn’t realize my cooking skills were not great. As a result I started Weight Watchers for healthy recipes and weight loss strategies.


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